Songs and Silences ___internship

OFFprojects – internship program 2023

For the creation of the new production Songs And Silences by Amos Ben-Tal, OFFprojects is offering 10 graduating dance students an opportunity for a short internship with the company.

We know that one of the challenges in the transition between school and the professional field is gaining enough experience, especially being part of a creation in a professional environment.

Each two participants will follow the creation of one solo over several days, created by Amos for one of the company’s dancers.

There will NOT be an audition. Students interested should send an email to telling us about themselves, what they are looking for as artists and which solo/s they are available for. We will assign suitable students to specific solos and full=full.

The creation periods are as such:

Solo 1:
January 23 / 10:30-14:30 / Amsterdam
January 24 / 10:00-18:00 / Den Haag
January 27 / 10:00-18:00 / Den Haag
January 28 / 10:30-18:30 / Den Haag
January 31/ 14:00-18:00 / Den Haag (filming)

Solo 2:
January 25 / 10:30-14:30 / Den Haag
January 28 / 10:30-18:30 / Den Haag
January 30 / 10:00-18:00 / Den Haag
January 31 / 10:00-18:00 / Den Haag (incl filming)

Solo 3:
February 3 / 14:00-18:00 / Amsterdam
February 4 / 10:00-18:00 / Amsterdam
February 6 / 10:30-18:00 / Amsterdam
February 7 / 10:30-18:00 / Amsterdam (incl filming)

Solo 4:
April 10-14 / times tba / Den Haag on April 10, 13, 14 – Amsterdam on April 11, 12.

Solo 5:
April 17-21 / times tba / Den Haag

* All participants are asked to be available for our event Just Once on March 3, 2023 mid day until evening in Den Haag.

What we offer:

  • Daily morning class (Amos’ guided improvisation method)
  • Learning a solo as it is being made, in a professional environment.
  • One session of coaching with Amos and/or Dramaturg Yvan Dubreuil.
  • We help you film your solo in high quality for use in your video reel.
  • A meeting with our production manager to learn about how a project comes into existence.
  • A small internship fee to cover costs.
  • A free ticket for the performance of Songs And Silences on 19 May at Korzo.

What we expect:

  • You are open to being part of a creative process and to researching with us. You are curious, willing to experiment and can work independently.
  • You are willing to share your thoughts and experience with us in writing (and on social media).
  • You are available for all the dates of the solo you are assigned to as well as 3 March.

Please note that we are not offering the opportunity to perform. This internship is focused solely on gaining experience in a creative process and on making a good quality solo video for your video reel.


Songs and Silences ___internship
Songs and Silences ___internship
Songs and Silences ___internship
Songs and Silences ___internship
Songs and Silences ___internship
Songs and Silences ___internship