OFFprojects is a collective that creates interdisciplinary performances and events using dance, music, image and words. We are a group consisting of former dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater and Batsheva Ensemble, gathered around the work of choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal. OFFprojects believes in work that is physical, layered and thought provoking. We present our projects in various contexts: theaters, festivals, museums, public spaces and online. We also see it as our mission to make this work engaging and appealing for a wide public.

We started OFFprojects in 2012 and in March 2014 we premiered our first full-evening production OFFline. The show received rave reviews and was soon followed by another full-length, the equally well received MIGHT. In 2016 we won the prestigious Dioraphte Dance Prize for the production Howl (in collaboration with Spinvis). 60 was a work that examined time-perception and spanned two years. The project included several short works and installations, culminating in the 2019 premiere of a full-evening work at Julidans festival in Amsterdam.

In 2021 we created Interval together with interdisciplinary artist Gosse de Kort. The piece was an exploration of the relationship between dance and architecture and has been nominated for the Zwaan award for outstanding dance production. For the creation of PART (2022) we collaborated with Ragazze Quartet and Salvador Breed to make a total sensory experience, taking fragmentation and emptiness as themes to explore new potentials.
Our latest production Songs And Silences opened the Cadance Festival in 2023. A performance in which Amos’ choreography, poems and songs combined to create a mosaic of solos.

OFFprojects has performed extensively all over The Netherlands as well as in France, Italy, England, Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and Russia. Our dance films Half-Life (2020) and Dog Cloud (2023) have been shown at festivals such as Cinedans and POOL (Berlin).
OFFprojects regularly shares its process with the public and we offer open classes and workshops for both professionals as well as amateurs.

Our group’s uniqueness is that every member has a secondary expertise except for dancing, resulting in every aspect of the production being done in-house and forming part of a conceptual whole. Except for Amos the core-group further consists of Aurélie Cayla (public engagement), Yvan Dubreuil (dramaturgy), Milena Twiehaus (imagery) and Lobke Nabuurs (business manager).
OFFprojects is structurally supported by the city of The Hague and Fonds Podiumkunsten (Performing Arts Fund NL).
Amos Ben-Tal (choreographer/musician, Israel)
Amos studied at the National Ballet School of Canada and danced at NDT. He started choreographing under the guidance of Korzo Productions and later co-founded OFFprojects. Amos writes music and text for most of our projects, as well as for other choreographers.
Aurelie Cayla (dancer/coordinator, France)
Aurelie studied at the conservatory in Lyon and worked at NDT. She is one of the founding members of OFFprojects and has danced in most of our productions. Aurelie creates links between our activities and comes up with ways to engage our public. 
Yvan Dubreuil (dramaturg, France)
Yvan studied at the conservatory in Paris and danced at NDT for many years. He’s collaborated with Amos on all of his pieces and works as dramaturg and assistant with Johan Inger ao. Yvan also helps form the long-term artistic vision of the collective.
Milena Twiehaus (dancer/imagery, Germany)
Milena studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and at Julliard, danced in Batsheva Ensemble and Emanuel Gat Dance ao. Milena is a founding member of OFFprojects and is responsible for all visual aspects of our work (including all the images on this website). 
Lobke Nabuurs (creative producer, The Netherlands)
Lobke worked as manager of planning, media and music at NDT, is business manager at RIDCC (Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition) and co-founded the international network CASC (Connect, Art, Sharing, Concepts). She joins OFFprojects from September 2022.
Joana Martins (production manager, Portugal)
Joana studied at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. She danced with Gauthier Dance and now works as a production manager for several companies. She joined OFFprojects in 2023.
Claudia Laenen (marketeer, The Netherlands)
Claudia worked as marketeer at Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) and co-founded the international network CASC (Connect, Art, Sharing, Concepts). She works as a freelance marketing professional and is head of marketing for De Nederlandse Dansdagen.
Mar Fu Qi (junior marketeer, China)
Mar is a Dutch/Chinese visual artist who studied Photography at KABK. She has worked with NDTII and Toneelhuis, Antwerp. She joined OFFprojects in 2024.
Luca Cacitti (dancer/collaborator, Italy)
Luca studied at Codarts and worked with Club Guy&Roni, Anouk Van Dijk ao. He has worked with us on the projects 60, Seconds, Interval and PART ao.
Xanthe van Opstal (dancer/collaborator, The Netherlands)
Xanthe studied at Codarts, danced with NDT 2 and Ensemble Batsheva ao. She has worked with us on the projects 60, Seconds, Interval and PART ao.
Adam Khazhmuradov (dancer/collaborator, Belgium)
Adam studied at AHK, danced with Hofesh Shechter Company and Ivan Perez ao. He has worked with us on the projects PART, Songs and Silences ao.
Alex Blondeau (dancer/collaborator, France)
Alex studied at Conservatoire National Supérieur of Lyon, danced with Maguy Marin and Cullberg ao. She has worked with us on the projects PART, Songs and Silences ao.
Wolf Govaerts (dancer/collaborator, Belgium)
Wolf studied at AHK, danced with Ann van den Broek ao and creates their own work. They have worked with us on the projects 60, Seconds, Interval, PART, Songs and Silences ao.
Annabelle Hinam (actress/collaborator, Holland)
Annabelle graduated at the Theaterschool Utrecht. She's a Dutch/(British) English speaking actress that works in theater, film and does voice work. She joined us since Songs and Silences.
Xavier van Wersch (light design / audio- visual art, The Netherlands)
Xavier studied art-science at KABK and works with Stephen Shropshire and Karine Guizzo ao. He has worked with OFFprojects on Howl, Interval, PART, Songs and Silences ao. 
Gosse de Kort (interdisciplinary artist / collaborator, The Netherlands)
Gosse studied at TU Delft and KABK/KC, His work takes place at the crossing point of the architectural and the theatrical. He has worked with us on the project Interval.
Salvador Breed (sound designer/composer/collaborator, The Netherlands)
Salvador creates sound, music and technology for a wide range of contexts including live performances, fashion shows, video art and interactive art installations. Co-founder of the sound company 4DSOUND and collaborator for PART.
Ragazze Quartet (string quartet/collaborator, The Netherlands)
String Quartet playing both classical and contemporary repertoire. Released several albums on Channel Classics and won the Operadagen Rotterdam award ao. Ragazze are our collaborators and co-producers for PART. 
Genevieve Osborne (dancer/collaborator, Australia)
Genevieve studied at Queensland University of Technology, danced with Itamar Serussi and Emannuel Gat ao. She has worked with us on the projects HOWL, 60, Interval ao.
Min Lee (costume design, China)
Min danced with Batsheva Ensemble and Scapino Ballet ao. He then studied fashion design at KABK in The Hague. Min designed the costumes for 60 and PART.
Naomi Russell (former creative producer, England)
Naomi worked as consultant and producer with Ballet Rambert and Ballet of Flanders ao. She was part of OFFprojects from 2018-2022 and is now heading her own initiative Espaço Agora, an international network of spaces for artistic research and development.
Agnese Rosati (former production manager)
Agnese worked as producer with Loic Perela and Giulio D'Anna ao. She joined OFFprojects in 2022 and is now off to travel the world. 
Spencer Dickhaus (dancer/collaborator, USA)
Spencer studied at The Juilliard School and worked with NDT and Crystal Pite ao. He has worked with us on the project Interval.
Katía Truijen (researcher/writer, The Netherlands)
Katía previously worked at Het Nieuwe Instituut. She has followed and documented the process of Interval and gives a lecture about her findings as part of every show. She is also a musician.